rocketbyz by tomyboy

Finding his true passion was rather a coincidence for concept designer Tomyboy than a strategically planned career. The German born artist started out as a producer for r&b music. He very soon moved to the US since he wanted to be closer to his audience. Thinking about merchandise gear for his production company he started developing visual concepts that would make him stand out from the rest. He finally settled for colors he felt very passionate about. Fluorescent colors. Colors which were famous in the 60's. Himself a great bike fan, decided to use fluorescent painted BMX and Fixiebikes as his merchandise gear. The reaction was beyond anything he could have imagined. That was the birth of Rocketbyz his current company.  He very soon started to combine his signature colors with different lifestyle and luxury products. Now Tomyboy is successfully artifying sneakers, scooters, fashion, watches, cars and even homes. His pieces are viewed among art collectors and celebrities as "Rockstar Art". As a fan of pop art he has found his niche in a very creative and competitive scene. He often combines his pictures with real life luxury products which make the art very real. Art which you can touch and use as your everyday gadget is something which defines Tomyboys work.

Photos by Jadran Lazic

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blacken milgauss rolex by tomyboy 
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